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Formally the Deluxe Real Estate Magazine, We've been in business over 30 years. Seen many changes in real estate, including our name. There has been one constant our magazine has been here to inform you about real estate listings in Greater Sudbury.

Our Vision

The goal is 30 more years, but we can't do that without keeping up with new technology and working with agents to learn of the directions they want to promote themselves and the properties they are selling.

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It’s a new way to promote Local Real Estate, and connect agents with prospective clients.

 We have expanded to include complementary companies that offer home services in the magazine and our website.  These include links to an agent personal web page as well as vendors websites. 

Our Digital Ad boards have exclusive local news content from Sudbury.com all while promoting vendors, agents and their listings. 

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R.E.A.L Magazine offers a unique Cross‐platform way to Promote your listings through; desktop/ mobile (all Devices), Digital Advertising TV boards Located Locally in Greater Sudbury, Plus our local magazine with free distribution.  Along with Social Media advertisements, the creation of an online market place and a subscription base that emails new listings to all that have subscribed.  So our audience, your potential clients are always up to date on local listings and products offered from vendors that are complimentary to the real estate industry.


We don’t believe we know everything about the real estate industry.  We are constantly asking agents how to better the service with ways that support and promote their listings.  This allows agents to understand that the growth of this  Magazine would not be there without the agents expertise and advice.
  • Our Promotional Strategy: We have created social pages and groups to gain an audience, while growing support our advertising agents.  Is one way to create awareness.  We also include sponsored and google ads to promote our brand and direct home buyers to agent listings.
  • Content:  Includes a web page specifically produced for each individual agent or real estate team. We have professional photographers to capture still and/or video, to further illustrate how great your listing is.



    YOU FOUND US!! 30 years as Deluxe Real Estate Magazine, now with a new name & website.
    This is still where Real Estate is Always Listed... R.E.A.L.

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